More and more customers are choosing to invest their savings via Raisin, the online savings products platform: in less than four years, more than 4 billion have been placed via Raisin. This is how Raisin became one of the fastest growing Fintech in the world.

This success can be explained by the growing range of savings products, partner banks, commercial cooperation and excellent customer service. « With currently 34 partner banks in 17 European countries, we offer the majority of the best interest rates available, » said Raisin’s CEO and co-founder Tamaz Georgadze. In many European countries, Raisin remains the only platform offering to invest anywhere in Europe: In addition to Germany and Austria, Raisin offers its products in the official language in France and Spain. For all other European countries customers can use the platform in English.

« It took us two and a half years to reach the first billion. For the second, ten months. The last billion was placed with Raisin in the space of four months. Tamaz Georgadze is certain to exceed the 5 billion mark at the end of the year. Georgadze adds: « Thanks to the attractive offers and the great satisfaction of our customers, we are displaying ever increasing amounts of investment and our customers are recommending more and more to their friends and acquaintances. « . Raisin has already convinced more than 90,000 customers.

Raisin enables its clients to open savings accounts across Europe and to access attractive interest rates online and at no cost throughout Europe. Prior to the creation of Raisin, customers had to deal with complicated account opening procedures in a foreign language, sometimes even requiring travel to the country concerned for identification purposes.

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